About the Authors

He's a writer, she's an artist - together they fight crime! ...if by crime you mean the thought that there aren't enough awesome children's books out there in the world yet, anyways... Scott Sevener and Lori Sevener are a brother and sister creative team that have been collaborating together for more than a decade, originally creating cartoons for the humor website Just Laugh before moving on to publish a weekly online comic strip together that went by the name of Ink, Paint & Tears... From opposite ends of the country, they share a goofy bond that makes working together all the more wild and hilarious, and now their latest project transports them to an entirely foreign terrain as together the two try their hand at creating a new series of children's books circled around all of the cool stuff they love! A is for Awesome is the first title in the aptly named Awesome Kids Books series, and it follows the alphabet from A to Z through a myriad of awesome favorites that they each treasure from their own childhood. Dedicated to Lori's daughter Madelyn on her first birthday, this first book proves to be a delightful introduction to reading for toddlers and hopes to pave the way for many more awesome adventures yet to come... 😉

photo by { jenn anibal } - Gaylord, Michigan - 9/7/2012Story time at Madelyn's birthday party!